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     The Lightworks Preview Page allows you to view images from your wedding, portrait session or event at your leisure and from the comfort of your own home or office. To access your previews scroll down to the bottom of this page and enter your password. The images will load for your review. Be sure to enter the password exactly as listed on your invoice or your A-La-Carte event price list without the "quotation" marks.  If you experience any difficulty please let us know.

     Since everyone likes to get a break on prices we have added as an incentive a 10% deduction off our published prices (portraits only-cannot be combined with other price incentives) if you make your selections and purchase within 5 days of  preview posting.  Feel free to share your password with family and friends. However, online previews will only be available for 90 days.

What Happened To Old Fashioned Proofs?

     This question is asked less and less as people get use to the term "Previews". Although most studios usually don't go into detail, the term is used to describe small 4" x 5" digital or paper prints that are viewed in the studio on a big screen or online. "What has happened to the old fashion 4" x 5" prints that we can carry home, study the photographs and decide which ones we want to purchase?" There are still a few studios around that handle their previews that way. But more and more studios are getting away from providing small prints of their work that can be carried out of the studio. Those that do allow small prints to leave the studio have clients pay large deposits and sign lengthy detailed contracts with the promise of severe penalties if not returned intact and within a certain time frame. Those studios that no longer offer these services give copyright violations as the primary reason for discontinuing this service. 



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