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Wedding Photography

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Have you dreamed of a storybook wedding since you were a child?        

      If so you are not alone. We realize that you plan to do this only once and you want it all to be as perfect as it can be. With so much to be concerned with in preparation for that special day the last thing you want to worry about is whether you made the right choice regarding the photography. 

     You want the emotions, beauty and magic of the day captured without intrusion. Knowing that no two weddings are alike serves as special incentive to capture the uniqueness of the the families as they join together in celebration.

     Although your wedding lasts one day the images we capture, whether journalistic, traditional or a combination of both, are a keepsake for you, a legacy for your children and a precious heirloom passed down from generation to generation. Your wedding is one of a few major events in your is not just a another wedding to us...we  approach your event with the same importance as if it were our own family. Our photography is about capturing memories...yours. It is your day and we encourage you to plan it your way.


      Check out the New Pricing on the Bridal Special Collection

     Due to recent requests for a professional low cost photography package designed for small wedding coverage or the family-only wedding when limited photography coverage is needed we have added the Bridal Special to the number of collections we offer. This is a great cost saver for the creative bride that plans to purchase and custom design her own wedding album from another source. See Pricing for details.


     There are reasonable limits to how far in advance one can plan a wedding. However, unlike some studios, we limit by choice the number of weddings we will do each year. Due to ongoing photography projects, and event schedule we have limited availability  in 2007. You may give us a call or send an email to check date availability.  Please be aware that our confirmation of availability for a certain date is not a commitment for photography services. A retainer and wedding contract is required to hold your date.

Pricing Guidelines

     Since we turn away all inquiries for the date and time reserved for you please be certain you have verified the time, date and location of your wedding. A non-refundable retainer consisting of the lesser of one-third of the selected wedding package is required to reserve our services until two (2) weeks prior to the wedding date. At that time the total balance of the package price is due. Monthly payment plans are also available. In the event of cancellation of the wedding by the couple all funds received by the studio, less the retainer, will be refunded provided all checks have cleared. In this type situation the retainer may be used towards portraits or some other photography services we offer less costs for engagement and pre-bridal formals if already shot. The studio will not be responsible for individual billing or collecting of  balances due.

Wedding Photography Coverage

     Our approach to planning the wedding photography involves a meeting with the couple at the time of booking to make appointments for any pre-wedding images if included in the selection. Depending upon the style of coverage you choose we meet again prior to the wedding to review and confirm the choices. Although we are willing to share our ideas we primarily want to hear from you. You will also be given a list of shots to choose from if you are going for the more traditional than photojournalistic.

     The number of photographs we take at the wedding will generally exceed the selection you have chosen. How many shots taken is based solely on the photographer's discretion.

     This is your special time. You plan for it to all be perfect. However, you also realize that when you get a large number of friends and family together there are sometimes unavoidable delays. All of our wedding selections include very reasonable time frames so you will not have to watch the clock if there is a late start


     With the advent of professional high resolution ( 12 to16 MP) digital cameras on the market many studios are now totally digital or making preparation to go all digital. The reasons are many. However, the primary reasons are time savings, creativity, quality, freedom, speed and instant feedback. The rest is basically of a technical nature due to the ability of digital to allow for better shadow detail from low light shooting. We offer both digital and film. We prefer digital for the above reasons.

Previews and Selections

     Once you return from your honeymoon we will schedule a time for you to visit, view your images and make your print selections. Depending upon your package selection we can also provide you with a password and web site address that you can refer family and friends to view images from the wedding. Family members requesting images will be billed on a-la-carte basis. We will schedule a minimum of two hours for the viewing and selection process. If you have any questions about our policies, procedures or the photography process please give us a call at 601-955-9416 or email Mac


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