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Senior Portraits

     Do you or a member of your family dread having a portrait made? If so you are not alone. In fact the primary reason given by most families for not having a yearly portrait made is not the costs but rather the complaint by one or more of the family members that they don't want to get dressed up. Would it make a difference if you were able to wear your favorite jeans and tennis shoes? Simply wear your favorite shirt and jeans and we will take care of the rest. 

     We usually feel and look our best when we are comfortable. Get us out of our comfort zone and we tend to tense up. We want your experience with us to be at the minimum stress free. We all want to look out best and many of us have a tendency to dwell on our perceived imperfections...whether they are true or not and whether noticeable to others or not makes no difference. 

     Our portrait and lighting techniques are designed to help you look your best. We also provide a reasonable amount of facial and hair retouching with each portrait package. We want you as a repeat customer and we realize how important it is for you to look your best. When you are ready give us a call at 601-955-9416. 

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