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Katrina: A Year Later

August 29, 2006

     The image above was typical of the events on the Mississippi Gulf Coast held by numerous churches and businesses as they held memorial services on the one year anniversary date of Hurricane Katrina. 

     St. Peter's by the Sea Episcopal Church, located at 1912 East Beach Blvd. on the North side of US 90 in Gulfport, held a memorial service on the morning of the 1rst year anniversary date of  Hurricane Katrina. One of a few worship centers along the beach that are fortunate to still be standing, the Church is still in the rebuilding stage. The Sanctuary, still exposed to the elements, provided a stark reminder for those attending of the devastation experienced by the Mississippi Gulf Coast when Hurricane Katrina pushed a massive wall of sea water inland on August 29, 2005.   

                                                                     "It takes time to rebuild". 


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