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Lightworks Photography Workshops

"Creative Control Workshop"

     This workshop is designed for the serious amateur. Subject matter covered during the workshop to include but not limited to: increasing your exposure composure, the color zone system, the art of visualization, composition analysis, achieving the sharper image and having fun with your photography. 

 Dates and Fees

     The Creative Control Workshop is scheduled as a two day (same weekend) every three months. A minimum number of six (6) participants is required to conduct a workshop with maximum number accepted being ten (10). Although the Creative Control Workshop is designed for two days (same weekend) we offer a one day (Saturday) workshop that covers one-half of the material. A deposit is required 30 days prior to the workshop with the balance of the course fee paid  at the beginning of the workshop. If a particular workshop is cancelled due to lack of minimum enrollment requirements any funds already paid will be cheerfully refunded or you may choose to use the funds to hold your space for next scheduled workshop. The choice is yours. Be sure to email us for space availability.

      Recommended Equipment

     In addition to your 35mm SLR film/digital camera (4MP or greater) we recommend the following equipment: flash/memory cards, steady tri-pod, remote cable release, dedicated flash, extra set of fully charged batteries, lens cloth, any filters that you own, and a bag for your gear. It is not necessary to go out and purchase a full array of lens or filters for the workshop. The lens that you own will work fine. Be sure to wear clothing appropriate for the season, comfortable shoes for the field outings and since some Mississippians are convinced that the state bird should be the Mississippi mosquito you may want to carry along some insect protection. And for those of you that eat more than once a day a snack sack is recommended. If you have been considering  new camera equipment purchases feel free to send us an email with your questions. 

Workshop Materials Provided

     We will provide: 1 roll of professional grade 35 mm film per day for those of you using film cameras, box lunch, drinks, bottled water, and all workshop materials. For those of you shooting digital we will have a lap top in the field for image review and instant feedback. 

Is this Workshop for You?

     To help you decide if the workshop is for you we have prepared a brief quiz. The questions may at first appear to be rather simplistic however, if you answer "no" to any of the questions you may want to consider working on that particular area prior to enrolling in the workshop.

Ready for your first quiz? 

    1.  Are you prepared to devote a minimum of 16 hours to a photography workshop?

          a.  10 hours of field work?

          b.  6 to 8 hours of class work?

     2.  Do you own an  SLR film or digital camera in good working  condition.? 

     3.  Have you read and studied your camera manual?

     4.  Do you have working knowledge of all of your camera's controls?

     5.  Do you understand the terms, "depth of field" and  the relationship of lens aperture and shutter speeds?

     6.  Are you ready to learn how to create images rather than simply take images?

     7.  Are you ready to take creative control of your camera's metering system?

     8.  Are you ready to use your brain rather than the camera's to make proper exposure decisions?

     9.  Are you willing to consider changing your camera practices if it improves your photography?

     10.  Are you ready to enroll in our next class? 

Give us a call at 601-955-9416 or send email to:


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