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A Hurricane called Katrina

Images from Katrina

Hurricane Katrina hit the Mississippi coast on August 29, 2005, and left in her wake the largest U.S. natural disaster in decades. The coastal regions of Louisiana and Mississippi were decimated. From Point Cadet to Waveland the Mississippi coast resembled a war zone. This storm took away precious lives, homes of thousands, churches, schools, favorite restaurants, businesses and many historic landmarks. Massive structures of concrete and steel were no match for the 28-30 foot storm surge of Katrina. The US 90 bridge between Biloxi and Ocean Springs resembled a giant accordion. Many of the large casinos once moored on the water rested broken on dry land. Katrina took away jobs and devastated the local economies. Survivors battled fatigue from the 90 degree plus temperatures, humidity, insects, infections, and those that prey upon the helpless. In the weeks and months following Katrina, the emotionally and financially drained survivors would once again have to deal with adversity. This time the ill winds would come from insurance carriers, fraudulent builders, assorted scam artists, certain rebuilding ordinances and corporate greed. In a better world there would be an equal playing field for all.

 Ten years later residents who live in certain zip codes are still facing difficulties rebuilding due to numbers of insurance companies unwilling to insure. After Katrina many insurers left the state and those insurers that remained  have increased rates to staggering amounts in comparison to pre-Katrina rates. Unlike Louisiana, Mississippi does not have a three-year consumer protection rule. Click on the image above to view the ravages of Katrina.

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